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Legislation & Refrigerants

Having spent the last… too many years to mention, working on Heat pumps and Air Conditioning, I found myself needing to buy some R410a.

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More good news for Panasonic equipment

Panasonic Heat Pumps are now on the SAP Appendix Q data base, what does this mean?

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Trust the Energy Saving Trust Phase 2 Report

Good news for all heat pump suppliers, designers and installers the Energy Savings Trust has published its Phase 2 report the summary (in part) as below, reading between the lines they have concluded that a correctly designed and installed heat pump installed in the UK can provide significant benefits to the end user, this highlights three main issues:

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MPs call for maximum workplace temperature

As the UK basks in a heat wave a group of MPs is calling for a maximum temperature of 30degC in the workplace.  Read the full post »

Changes to Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

As of the 12 July 2013 the RHI Phase 2 have announced new tariff allowances for installing Heat generating products, these are due to be implemented in the spring of 2014 proposed tariff levels are as follows:


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Why do the goal post keep moving?

Just as the Heat Pump industry gears up for an influx of new customers hoping for feed in tariffs (RHI) cheaper heating bills and trying to secure their future energy consumption, the goal posts are moved then moved again, we need to ask why?

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Changes to the Renewable Heat Premium Payment

As of the 20th May the RHPP Phase 2 have announced new allowances for installing heat generating products which are as follows:


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Green Deal or no Deal?

A vast number of customers have been enquiring about the new government initiative, ‘The Green Deal’ and how this could affect the sales and application of heat pumps.

Firstly let’s examine what the Green Deal is:

In essence the government needs to cut carbon emissions mainly due to increasing inefficiencies in commercial and domestic buildings; the UK housing stocks insulation is pretty poor so improving insulation levels and installing energy efficient products is a solution. To assist in this, The Green Deal has been created as a way of funding such work.

This Green Deal is a new process and is developing amongst providers (British Gas, Kingfisher, Mark Group etc., the list is growing), installers and assessors all offering their services. It is not a straightforward process but this new initiative could offer end users the chance to carry out home energy improvements without any initial outlay.

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