Fujitsu Nocria X KX Wall Mount Range 2.5kW – 3.5kW

Key Features

  • High Seasonal Efficiency
  • Human Sensor
  • Plasma Air Clean
  • Filter Auto Clean
  • Clean coating heat exchanger


The New Airflow Design

With the advanced airflow technology, nocria™ X will bring about the experience of superior comfort and energy saving.

Announced 2012. In room air conditioner for the home (Our company’s investigation)



The air conditioner warms up the room gently.

The comfort zone at low level is improved when the dual side fans operate by reducing the warm air from rising.



The air conditioner delivers improved air circulation.

The entire room can be covered with improved air circulation and stable temperature control.



Floor Level Heating

The airflow from dual side fans improves floor level heating performance.


The Dual Side Fans in Operation

Airflow in cooling operation

Airflow with a room temperature


The Dual Side Fans Not in Operation

Airflow in cooling operation

Dual Fan Comfort

The side airflow can easily be adjusted with the Comfort button.

High Seasonal Efficiency

*All classes


Human Sensor

The Human sensor detects movement of people in a room and operates at reduced capacity when people leave the room. When people return to the room, the system.

[a] Temperature sensing

[b] Human sensing

A person leaves the room

Energy saving operation

Back to original operation


Filter Auto Clean

Dust on the filter is automatically removed to prevent power from being wasted by the clogged filter.

Announced 2002. In room air conditioner for the home (our company’s investigation)

The Structure of the Auto-Filter Cleaning

The filter is separated into 5 zones and it cleans every zone. The collected dust simply needs to be removed from the dust box in every 5 years.

[a] Filter

[b] Main brush

[c] Dust

[d] Self-cleaning brush

[e] Dust collection box

Dust is stored in the collection box.

Plasma Air Clean


Air is cleaned with an electric dust collecting technology. Pollen, house dust and other tiny pollutants are collected and removed with static electricity.

Electrostatic dust collector

Clean Coating Heat Exchanger Cooling/Drying Operation

The dirt on the heat exchanger is washed away by the water droplets produced in the cooling/drying operation.

Antibacterial coating (It does not inhibit the generation of moulds.)

Mobile Control

Adopting Wireless LAN Interface

Easy air conditioner control from inside or outside the house and office using the Smartphones, Tablets, and PC. (Supplied loose as standard for site installation).

Low GWP *

For Refrigerant

It has a lower global warming potential of one-third than that of R410A, which is used for conventional air conditioners. It is a becoming-popular new refrigerant.

GWP = global warming potential