Daikin Announce R32 Mini VRV 5

We would like to officially communicate the news of the release of the new R32 Mini VRV 5. This new product has been in development for a number of years, and now its release has been made official by Daikin Europe.


What are the main new features of Mini VRV 5?

  • Developed on a brand new platform (same case as new low height Sky Air Alpha)
  • Increased Seasonal Efficiencies compared to standard Mini VRV IV
  • Top quality and safety built-in. Mini VRV 5 has been designed in order to remove any install complications and concerns for our customers in relation to R32
  • Incredibly compact: 40% height reduction and 10% volume reduction (compared to standard Mini VRV IV-S)
  • At least 10% less refrigerant compared to Standard Mini VRV IV-S
  • Wi-Fi control and monitoring available for the new R32 VRV indoor units


Why the “built-in” safety?

As you know, R32 carries a higher level of restrictions compared to R410A when considering system design and safety of the end users. When increasing the refrigerant charge (i.e. going from Split/Sky Air to VRV), extra considerations have to be made in this respect, requiring for certain applications extra safety measures to be installed, in order to comply with current legislation.


Other manufacturers have decided to shift the responsibility for the design and consideration of safety onto the consultant/installer, in order to rapidly release a product on the market. Daikin instead, once again decided to take the more responsible approach, building new technology into the product so that our customers don’t have to worry about any extras during the install; making Mini VRV 5 as easy to install as the R410A models. More details about the specifics of the new built-in technology will be shared in due course, as many of these are patent-pending innovations.


When will the product be publicly unveiled?

DENV has a public launch planned for February 2020, during a VRV Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark. 


When is the sales launch scheduled for?

Currently the sales launch for Mini VRV 5 is foreseen for September 2020.

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