Daikin Launch VRV IV+ Heat Pump Models

The latest technological advancement from Daikin delivers the most efficient VRV on the
market today, with an increased efficiency of 15% compared with the current model.

Features and Benefits

VRV IV+ Heat Pump ranges come with improved seasonal efficiency values according to ENER Lot21 (ηs,c & ηs,h) compared to current VRV4 with an average improvement of 15% in cooling and 13% in heating. In addition, free combinations up to 54HP provide additional flexibility to design and plantroom available space.

Redesigned refrigerant distribution

VRV IV+ uses a 4-side heat exchanger with new capillary design for optimised refrigerant distribution, providing the 

smoothest performance in any system loading.

New Compressor

In the heart of VRV IV+, a newly designed 7th generation compressor is used to improve energy efficiency. In addition, a new pressure adjustment port implements the latest technology in refrigerant control under low partial load, leading to top seasonal efficiency and performance.


VRV IV+ is not compatible with VRV IV and therefore cannot be used in the same refrigerant piping (modular system combination) to either replace a current VRV IV or extend a currently installed VRV IV modular system to a larger one.


VRV IV+ is fully compatible with all current Daikin Controllers and as such, it is possible to control a VRV IV system and a VRV IV+ system from the same Daikin Centralised Controller with common wiring connection:

Comparison with VRV IV

The VRV IV+ has an overall increased efficiency of around 15% compared with current VRV IV.