Did You Know #6 – Fujitsu VRF Units Have Leak Detection Output


Did you know.... that all Fujitsu VRF indoor units produced from January 2018 now come equipped with leak detection input.

A new Function number has been added (Function 60) that now allows CNA04 to be used as either “forced thermostat off” (free cooling for ducted models using 100% fresh air) or “leak detection”.

When using connector CNA04 the external input plug/connector is required: UTY-XWZXZE.

The above example shows the leak detector having an NC (normally closed) contact when powered, therefore if the power was to be interrupted or if a leak was detected the contact would go open circuit.

When Function 60 has been set to 09 and the contact of CNA04 goes open circuit the following error code will be displayed at the indoor unit and wired remote controller.

Indoor Unit:

Wired Remote Controller:

Even when the input reverts to its “normally closed” position the error will remain, only when the power to the indoor unit has been cycled off-on will the error clear.

In addition, the latest firmware for the Central Remote Controllers will display the leak detection alarm as follows:

Touch Panel Central Controller (UTY-DTGYZ1):

Central Remote Controller (UTY-DCGY):

The System Controller (software) has been updated to recognise the A8 Error Code. The description (text) displayed is “Poor Refrigerant Circulation.

System Controller & System Controller Lite (UTY-ALGXZ1/APGXZ1):

The following table outlines the display and description for all possible error code displays:

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Prior to placing any order please make us make us aware if you require this feature on the indoor units, this way we can provide you with the latest model that incorporates the leak detection function.

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