Fujitsu Circular Flow Cassettes Released

Fujitsu have announced the arrival and immediate availability of this new range of 5.6, 7.1, 8.0, 10.0, 12.5, and 14.0kW full size (840 x 840mm chassis) cassette models. All sizes feature an all new circular airflow grille with lattice style return air detail.

Key Features Include

  • Standard size 8402 chassis with ultra slim (40mm deep) 9502grille with circular supply airflow and lattice return air detail.
  • Human Sensor (option) for enhanced convenience and energy savings. Dual function – either energy saving when no people are sensed in the room or, Auto off after 30mins if no human presence is sensed in the room. So, even if no on/off program has been entered into the daily / weekly timer the system will still turn off preventing it from operating overnight or during un-occupied hours.
  • A Hi Spec Touch Screen wired remote controller with backlight will be supplied as standard. This will be one of the first new systems to be equipped with the new dual function VRF / spilt system 2-wire Touch Screen controller. Previously only VRF indoor units were able to use this ultra-modern controller.
  • Independent supply air vane control. Each of the 4 main supply grille vanes can be programmed for different air delivery characteristics via the remote controller to provide the best room air distribution.
  • Group control facility. Up to 16 split systems can be controlled as a group from a single remote controller.
  • Error output function – requires optional external connect kit.

Below is a video introducing the cassette and outling the key features: