Fujitsu Launch Industry First 18HP Front Discharge VRF

We are excited to announce that Fujitsu have extended their J-IIIL range to release an industry first 18HP (50.0kW) front discharge VRF condenser. The condenser extends an already impressive J-IIIL line up consisting of 6 condenser sizes ranging from 22.4kW up to 50.0kW.

Designated AJY162LELAH this new model is the largest capacity twin fan side discharge VRF outdoor unit currently available in the industry. Compact and lightweight makes it ideal for the urban environment where outside space is often at a premium.


The low height, low weight outdoor unit and low refrigerant charge are ideal for medium sized commercial buildings. Hotels with an existing heating system that require a cooling only solution are also an ideal application for J-IIIL systems. This and the low gas charge requirement means that the additional cost of refrigerant leak detection to meet EN378 regulations can be avoided in most cases.

Due to become available in March, explore the range in full by clicking the button below and contact your local branch for a quotation.