Did You Know… #2 Fujitsu Offer Auto Louver Grille Kits for Slim Duct Range

Did you know that Fujitsu offer Auto Louver Grille kits which connect to their slim duct range and directs the airflow into the room providing a more comfortable environment.

Compatible with both the VRF and single split units, the grille has a simple flat design with louvers that close giving it a minimalist look which blends into any luxury interior. Below we have highlighted the key features.


Flexible Control

Synchronisation with Indoor Unit

  • Auto louver can be operated by synchronising with the remote controller

Fully Adjustable

  • Select Auto Air Airflow Direction & Auto Swing
  • 4 Different Louver Steps to select from

Auto Closing

  • When operation of the indoor unit is stopped the louver automatically closes

Uniform Airflow Distribution


Flexible Installation

The auto louver grille can either be connected directly to the indoor unit or by utilising a square duct.

Specification & Pricing

Applicable Indoors ARYG07/09/12/14LLTB




Dimensions (HxWxD)mm 180x683x(84+9) 180x883x(84+9) 180x1083x(84+9)
Weight (kg) 2.0 2.5 3.0


Download as a PDF.







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