Did You Know… #3 – You Can Adjust Air Off Temperatures on Panasonic ECOi Duct Units

One of the key features with Panasonic ECOi systems is the ability to control the indoor air off temperatures to ensure a comfortable environment.

To do so you will require a wired controller to access the detailed settings to make changes to two settings. The wired controller needs to be wired into the unit you want to make changes to, or to the master unit if the units are group controlled.

Settings Changes Required

The first setting change is to enable the discharge temperature control, which is detailed setting 3A shown below.

The second setting change is to change the air off temperature setting. By default the air off in cooling is set to12C and in heating it is set to 46C. As shown in the image below the setting allows you to shift the temperature from these defaults, for instance changing the cooling air off to 10C would require changing setting 1C to -002.


This guide can also be downloaded as a PDF.

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This feature is unique to Panasonic and one of many hidden features that separate the range from the competition. 

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