Did You Know… #4 You Can Group Control Fujitsu Single & Multi Split Systems

Did you know that you can group control all type of indoor units throughout the Fujitsu single and multi split range. Although a relatively simple feature it is not possible with most of the competition and the ability to group control wall mounts and multi systems is particularly unique. 

Below we have highlighted examples and the procedure for these unique applications.

Group Controlling Wall Mounts, Floor Mounts & Multi Split Systems

The procedure applies to all the models as follows:

 Wall Mounted  Floor Mounted  Multi Split

* communication kit required for each indoor

3 Single Split Wall Mount Systems Grouped on to a Single Remote

Examples of Multi Split Group Control 


Maximum wiring length of remote controller cable is 300m and should be increased when greater than 100m as per the table below.

 Control Cable Length     CSA
 100m or less  0.3-0.8mm2    
 100-200m  0.5-0.8m2
 200-300m  0.8mm2

Wiring Example


Addressing Details

The RC Group Address is set via the remote controller (wireless or wired).

 Setting Description                Function Number    Setting Value
 Remote Controller Address  00  00 – 15 (default value 00)  

Each indoor requires an address value between 00-15 as detailed in Example 1


Please note is not possible to group control across multi systems as highlighted below

For further information download the PDF or contact your local branch on the numbers below.

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