Oceanair Asked to Present to Carbon Trust Staff

Recognising our wealth of experience and expertise, Oceanair were asked to carry out a technical briefing to the leading members of staff at The Carbon Trust covering heats pumps and their applications.

Managing Director Tony Evanson presented the online seminar which what designed to offer insight into the heat pump market, the design considerations and how heat pumps are a key technology in the pursuit of a low carbon and greener future.

As suppliers of Daikin and Panasonic heat pumps Oceanair offer marketing leading products with decades of experience in the heat pump market.

The presentation was well received and the documentation was circulated throughout the employees of the The Carbon Trust.

Access the presentation below and also read the Heat Pump Association’s roadmap for the role of heat pumps to delivery a net zero future.


The Heat Pump Association “Delivering Net Zero: A Roadmap for the Role of Heat Pumps