Panasonic and Systemair Partner to Develop Integrated HVAC&R Solutions

Panasonic and Systemair Partner to Develop Integrated HVAC&R Solutions

Panasonic have announced a new strategic partnership with Systemair, the global specialist in ventilation and applied air conditioning technology. This collaboration sets to create new trends within the European HVAC&R market with technology and expertise on side to develop sustainable solutions for the commercial and residential sectors.


Highly Efficient Bespoke Solutions

A highly efficient and environmentally friendly new Heat Pump Chiller series will be Panasonic's first introduction, featuring Systemair’s innovative air source reversible chiller technology. These new integrated solutions are fully customisable to fully meet customer demands and requirements.
Systemair and Panasonic are also collaborating closely to develop technologies to be incorporated into the applied chilled water technology. The aim is to create even more highly efficient, environmentally friendly chiller/heat pumps at the forefront of the European market. The collaboration will be enhanced by utilising the companies' Smart Cloud interface, for convenient remote control and maintenance at one's fingertips.

Specialist Indoor Air Quality

Both parties will seamlessly integrate Systemair's cutting-edge specialist Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)-led ventilation with Panasonic heat pumps, control technology and connectivity. This collaborative approach will create a strong value proposition to satisfy customers growing HVAC&R requirements.


The ECOi-W, the new era of ECOi

As result of this partnership Panasonic introduces a new Heat Pump Chiller series ECOi-W. A fully customisable chiller from 20kW to 210kW with high energy efficiency, high flexibility and high quality.