About the Scheme

With the planned phase out of gas boilers in 2025, an air source heat pump is the wisest energy saving improvement a homeowner can make right now for heating and DHW.

Not only can your customers get up to £600 cashback when they replace their boiler with an Aquarea A2W system, but you can also claim £800 cashback when you have installed 5 Aquarea heat pumps.*

The Panasonic Green Homes Cashback scheme for homeowners, and the Green Install Cashback scheme for eligible installers, will run at the same time as the UK government’s Green Homes Grant. The Panasonic scheme is an additional incentive aimed at Installers but is not connected in any way to the UK Government scheme. Claims for the Panasonic cashback scheme can be submitted even if your customer has not taken advantage of the government grant. Plus the Panasonic scheme is available throughout the UK, including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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Full terms and conditions available here


Receive £800 cashback once you have installed five Panasonic Aquarea heat pumps.

  • Become a Panasonic PRO Partner to access exclusive benefits such as:
    • Listed on our i-finder, providing you with more visibility and allowing customers to find and contact you with ease
    • Extended Warranty Terms and Conditions
    • Access to the latest marketing material, Installation Support Software and upcoming Training courses through our PRO Club platform
  • Receive Free Accredited Training on our Panasonic Aquarea Heat Pump Range
  • Become a Panasonic PRO Club member
  • Offer remote maintenance and monitoring to your customers via the Panasonic Service Cloud – saving you travel time and expenses!
  • Your customer could be entitled for up to £600 cashback on their Aquarea installation

We have made the scheme simple and easy for you to claim, saving you both time and money, whilst providing you with an extensive range of benefits!

Please note that all work needs to be complete by 31 March 2021 for your claim to be valid.

Aquarea, the Panasonic Advantage

With more than 30 years of experience, selling to more than 120 countries around the world, Panasonic is unquestionably one of the leaders in the heating and cooling sector. We continually strive for excellence in product design, manufacture and sustainability.

Aquarea Air to Water Heat Pump

Aquarea is an innovative, low-energy system, designed to help homeowners enjoy ideal temperatures and hot water in the home, even with extreme outdoor temperatures. An Aquarea air source heat pump captures fresh air to cool or heat the property, designed to ensure maximum comfort. Aquarea is far cleaner, safer, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than alternatives such as using gas, oil and other electrical systems.

Aquarea High Performance Aquarea T-Cap Aquarea HT*

Claim for both the Green Homes Grant and dRHI

Both the Green Homes Grant and dRHI can be claimed for a heat pump installation. However, the Green Homes Grant must be claimed first, followed by the dRHI. Ofgem must be notified that this has been used when the dRHI claim is made. The Green Homes Grant grant amount received will then be deducted from the dRHI payments.

Aquarea Service Cloud

Panasonic’s Aquarea Smart and Service Cloud offers intuitive service, for remotely monitoring and controlling the full range of heating and hot water functions. The Aquarea Smart Cloud, designed to enhance comfort and energy management, requires simple connection of the system to wireless or wired LAN for end users to have functional control through any web browser, on a computer, tablet or iphone. Users can authorise remote access for their chosen installer or maintenance company via a cloud connection, making the Aquarea Service Cloud an excellent tool which allows for remote monitoring and control of the system, 24/7, from anywhere. Reducing response times, thus increasing customer satisfaction, the Service Cloud can save both time and money.

Aquarea Service Cloud Functions and Benefits:

  • Allows for remote monitoring and maintenance to save you time and money
  • Free to install
  • Intuitive and easy to follow display screen
  • Pre-set scheduling
  • Global view at a glance
  • Error log history
  • Full unit information
  • Statistics always available
  • All settings available

Aquarea Smart Cloud Functions and Benefits:

  • Energy savings and comfort from anywhere
  • Internet connection with router Wifi or wired LAN
  • Easy to adjust temperature up to 2 different zones and hot water
  • Easy to use weekly timer by zone and hot water
  • Holiday mode activation
  • Intuitive and powerful energy statistics by day/week/month

Connecting to the Service Cloud

For more information on connecting to the Service Cloud – click here.


To access grants / cashback:

Our cashback incentive scheme is in addition to the current Government Green Homes Grant offer and the dates coincide exactly. Both schemes finish on 31 March 2021.

Points to note:

  • Both the Green Homes Grant and RHI scheme can be claimed, but the Green Homes Grant must be claimed first
  • For the Green Homes Grant to be claimed, the unit must be installed by an MCS, Trustmark registered Installer
  • For the Panasonic Green Install Cashback, installers must have completed Panasonic Accredited Aquarea Training historically, or within the scheme dates
  • Panasonic products must have been purchased through an authorised Panasonic distributor
  • The 5 units must be purchased and installed between 1 October 2020 and 31 August 2021
  • Each system must be installed with a CZ-TAW1 controller and the unit connected to the cloud, for the claim to be valid*
  • Only one claim per installation company

To find out more about the MCS Accreditation

To discover useful information on relevant Government Grants

Benefits of PRO Club

The Panasonic PRO Club is FREE to join – and opens the door to a wealth of additional support and helpful tools.

This online platform is designed to make your life easier! Simply register and the impressive functionalities are freely available to you, where ever you are, from your computer or smart phone!

PRO Club Features Include:

  • Print catalogues with your logo and your address
  • Download the latest Aquarea designer to define your system and select the most appropriate Aquarea Heat Pump
  • Calculate specifications based on the parameters of your system
  • Get documents of conformity and all other documents you may need
  • Download all the service manuals, end user manuals and installation manuals
  • Error Code Troubleshooting
  • Be the first to hear about our latest news!
  • Access to Training through the PRO Academy
  • Special offers & promotions
  • Extensive library of resources
  • Tools (Professional software, sizing tools…)
  • Energy label generator

And so much more…

Get Accredited: Panasonic Aquarea Accredited Air to Water Heat Pump Training

To claim the Green Install Cashback on your five installations, you need to have completed a Panasonic Accredited Air to Water Heat Pump Training Course previously, or complete a course during the scheme dates. Training can be hosted by Panasonic directly, or through an authorised Panasonic Distributor. Available online, the training course is hosted in two parts, split across two consecutive mornings. The training is designed to boost your skills and knowledge of heat pump technology, covering all aspects of the system, from design, to installation and commissioning.

Part one covers:

  • Introduction to Heat Pumps
  • Panasonic Aquarea range
  • System design basics
  • Preinstallation Considerations
  • Hydraulic connections
  • Electrical requirements
  • Aquarea accessories

Part two covers:

  • Control features
  • Control setup
  • Commissioning
  • Common faults
  • Warranty & document upload
  • Remote access
  • Remote Monitoring

Become a Panasonic PRO Partner today through successful completion of a Panasonic Accredited Air to Water Training course!

Click here for available dates and to book a course.

How to Claim Your £800 Cashback

You will need to satisfy:

  • Successful completion of Panasonic Aquarea Accredited Air to Water Training
  • 5 Aquarea units purchased and installed from 1 October 2020 to 31st August 2021
  • One claim per installation company
  • Evidence of installing a CZ-TAW1 controller* with each of the five heat pump installations and connecting the system to the Aquarea Service Cloud.

*HT units are not compatible with the CZ-TAW1 controller or cloud software, but units are still valid in the cashback scheme. Claims to be made without the Cloud Device ID information submitted.

Full Terms and Conditions

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