Panasonic Stays Ahead of Latest Efficiency Ratings

As of September 2019, the Energy Efficiency Label ratings have been increased for space and combination heaters. The new, more rigorous energy efficiency label now ranges from A+++ to D, and from A+ to F for DHW.

The exceptional performance of Panasonic’s Aquarea air source heat pumps ensures the product meets these new stringent energy efficiency requirements. The majority of the Aquarea models will now be awarded its rightful rating of A+++ at low temperature, after the scale was previously limited to a maximum of A++. The energy label for DHW in the Aquarea All in One will increase to the rating of A+ as of September 26th 2019, after formerly being given a high efficiency of A on the previous scale. It’s able to reach the remarkable rating thanks to Panasonic’s U-Vacua technology enabling high insulation performance to ensure energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency Labels have traditionally been used since the 1990s for white goods such as fridges and dishwashers. They were first introduced to air conditioners and heat pumps in 2013, then room heaters, water heaters and DHW in September 2015. The labels are an important feature for consumers as they assist them in their purchasing decision and ensures they can get the most energy-efficient products.

The outstanding energy efficiency displayed by Panasonic puts them at the forefront of innovation and ensures it’s aiming for ‘A Better Life, A Better World’.