Daikin Sky Air FCAG-B Roundflow Cassette 6.8kW – 13.4kW

Key Products


  • Re-designed louvers to improve air circulation
  • New active circulation airflow technology
  • R-32 Bluevolution technology
  • Automatic filter cleaning option
  • Outdoor units are fitted with a swing compressor
  • Two optional intelligent sensors
  • Lowest installation height in the market
  • Widest range of decoration panels
  • Anti-corrosion treated outdoor heat exchanger
  • Individual flap control
  • 5 different fan speeds available
  • Optional fresh air intake
  • Standard drain pump with 675mm lift


Round Flow Cassette

Daikin 360° Round Flow technology provides the best comfort available on the market and increases your energy efficiency by up to 50%.

Balanced Airflows

The 360° operation ensures a perfectly balanced airflow distribution and simultaneously eliminates dead spots. The vertical auto-swing system automatically distributes the air evenly throughout the room and reduces temperature fluctuations. This results in fewer on/off cycles, which reduces your energy consumption and increases your savings.




Flexible Design

With the lowest installation height on the market, Daikin's round flow cassette integrates seamlessly into your ceiling. It's flexible design allows 2-way, 3-way and 4-way airflow's so that you can install it in variety of applications.


Widest choice of panels in the market

Available in white and black, the Round Flow cassette can accommodate any type of interior.

7 different panels in designer, auto cleaning and standard version will fit any need from standard to dust prone environments.


Designer Panel in White and Black Options

New line of Panels hiding air intake grilles for more stylised outlook. With 360 air flow, wide flaps and optional intelligent sensors

Auto Cleaning Panels Availble in Black & White

The unique Daikin auto cleaning cassette with flaps, optional intelligent sensors and finer mesh filter for dust prone areas

Standard Panels Available in Black & White

Unique Daikin round flow cassette with 360 air flow and optional intelligent sensors. Now with re-designer wider louvers to improve air circulation.

Engineered for comfort

The intelligent eye uses presence sensors to detect and direct airflow away from people to eliminate cold draughts. Your system automatically switches to energy-saving mode or turns off when it detects an empty room. Additional floor sensors ensure that the temperature remains consistent from the floor to the ceiling.


Easy maintenance

With an optional auto-cleaning filter, Daikin's Round Flow Cassette ensures consistent operation and increases efficiency by up to 50%. The dust collected during the daily automatic cleanings is stored in a box that can hold up to 12 month's worth of dust.

Forget the ladders and a cleaning technician. All you need to do to extract the dust from the box is to hook it up to your regular vacuum cleaner.

Real World Savings

Wolverhampton, U.K.

After installing auto-cleaning cassettes, this store noticed a 50% reduction in energy consumption, when compared to its previous standard solution.