Fujitsu ARXK Bulkhead Duct for VRF

Key Features

  • Large living space available
  • Optimum airflow path and low noise operation
  • Easy design and maintenance for drain
  • Auto Louver Grille Kit (Option)


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Reduced Bulkhead Size

  • Installation space can be reduced down to minimum depth 450 mm height 198 mm and compact design
  • Minimum size: Depth 450 mm, Height 198 mm Volume 27% down compared with current model
  • Lightweight: 15.5 kg 18% down (12/14 class)

Optimum Airflow Path and Low Noise Operation

  • Low noise is realised drastically by stabilised airflow design.
  1. Air Stabiliser
  2. V-shape heat exchanger
  3. High Efficient DC fan motor – low power consumption

Easy Design and Maintenance for Drain

By using the DC fan motor, it is possible to change the static pressure range from 0 to 50 Pa*.

The change of static pressure range is possible by remote controller.

Built-in drain pump as standard : Maintenance is easy

Parts can be replaced from the side of the body where maintenance is easier

Auto Louver Grille

  • Thin design provides a comfortable living environment over a wide area.
  • Automatic louver grille provides comfortable air conditioning all the way down to the floor and matches the interior design well. (Optional)