Fujitsu AUXA 4 Way Cassette for VRF

Key Features

  • High efficiency turbo fan with 3-dimensional blade
  • Improvement of the airflow distribution
  • Adjustment of hanger position is possible after installation


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Highly Efficient Turbo Fan with 3-Dimensional Blade

Previous turbo fan:
Air passing through the heat exchanger was uneven and the air would only flow close to the ceiling.
New turbo fan:
High efficiency airflow distribution has been achieved by the introduction of a 3 dimensional blade which increases the air passing over the heat exchanger.

Improved Airflow Distribution

New louvre: The louvre design distributes air leaving a space between the chassis and the ceiling allowing far and wide airflow distribution.

Much less temperature irregularity by spreading airflow widely

Removable Corner Cover

Hanging bracket can be checked directly by removing the corner cover. Hanging position can be arranged easily.