Fujitsu AUXK Circular Flow Cassette For VRF

Key Features

  • Unique Circular Flow design
  • Uniform temperature air conditioning
  • Individual louver control
  • Human sensor increases more energy saving


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Unique Circular Flow Design

Unique Circular Flow Design

New Cassette type realizes Circular Flow to blow large airflow in 360º direction by mounting high performance DC fan motor, new turbo fan and unique seamless airflow louver design.

Uniform Temperature Air Conditioning

Achieve a comfortable air conditioning spread to every corner of the room by circular flow & wide vertical airflow.

Individual Louver Control

Each louver can be set individually by Touch Panel Wired Remote Controller to enjoy the comfort of different directional airflows according to various room layouts.

Comfortable air conditioning by preventing direct blowing of cold air and by providing swinging air flow simultaneously.

Efficient air conditioning based on the room layout

Optional Energy Saving Human Sensor

Energy saving operation starts automatically by detecting the motion of a person. 2 modes of save operation mode and stop mode can be selected.

Auto saving
Power is saved while people are away.
Auto OFF
Operation stops after people go out.