Fujitsu J-III Mini VRF 12.1kW – 15.5kW

Key Features

  • Efficiency in actual operation
  • High EER / COP
  • Advanced high efficiency technology
  • Long Piping Length
  • Non-stop oil recovery operation
  • Easier Installation


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High Energy Efficiency

Heat pump inverter control is used to achieve an efficient cooling and heating operation in any indoor unit combination.


Flexible systems for small- and medium-size buildings

Space saving design and long piping design allow for flexible installation on the roofs or balconies of smalland medium-size buildings.

Multiple indoor units of various capacities and types can be connected.


Efficiency in Actual Operation

Top class high COP is achieved for all models by large heat exchanger, high efficient DC twin compressor, and our own technologies.


High EER / COP

Three Phase

Single Phase


Advanced High Efficiency Technology


Large Propeller Fan

High performance and low noise realised by large propeller and optimisation of angle.


DC Inverter Control

Efficiency is improved by mounting of new active filter module.


DC Fan Motor

Miniaturised, low noise, high efficiency, multi-stage DC fan motor is mounted.


Large Heat Exchanger

Heat exchange performance is substantially improved by mounting of 3-row large heat exchanger.


Subcool Heat Exchanger

Cooling performance is improved by mounting of dual tube heat exchanger.


DC Twin Rotary Compressor

Efficiency in all load regions is good. Especially good performance from low to medium at normal operation.



Long Piping Length

Our advanced refrigerant control technology allows us to achieve a total refrigerant piping length of 180 m. This opens up new possibilities in system design.



Non-Stop Oil Recovery Operation


A comfortable room condition is maintained during oil recovery mode because the product continues to operate without stopping the cooling or heating operation.



Easier Installation


Connection check function :
Possible to confirm whether wiring connection and address setting are correct by a quick check run function.
  • Display connected indoor unit numbers
  • Duplicately set address number of indoor unit can be displayed