Fujitsu LHTBP Compact Medium Static Pressure Duct 3.5kW – 13.4kW

Key Features

  • High Efficiency & Quiet operation
  • Automatic Airflow adjustment function
  • Improved installation flexibility
  • Improved service and maintenance
  • Low ambient operation


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The combination of the V-shaped heat exchanger, air stabiliser, and the high efficient DC fan motor allowed high efficiency and quiet operation despite of the small structural design.

Automatic Airflow Adjustment Function

This unique and innovative function detects required air flow in each application case and automatically adjust the volume.

Improved installation Flexibility

  • Capable to be installed in various applications that requires static pressure of 30Pa to 200 Pa
  • Built-in drain pump, rises drain up to 850 mm
  • Unified depth throughout the range enables the selection of the capacity regardless of the additional space.

Improved Service & Maintenance

  • Drain pump is easily detachable from the side
  • Easy access to electrical box
  • Error code can be checked more in detail from error history

Low Ambient Operation