Fujitsu Simultaneous Multi Twin/Triple/Quad 19.0kW – 22.0kW

Key Features

  • Can support various installations
  • Multi connection of up to 4 units.
  • Simultaneous control


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Can support various applications from large open plan offices to retail stores with up to 4 indoor units.

Indoor units distributed layout according to the shape and number of people and lighting conditions of the room even on wide floors. Ideal comfortable air flow distribution can be realized.

Installation according to floor layout

Installation according to lighting conditions

Installation according to layout and lighting conditions

Installation according to large space

Simultaneous control

Max 16 indoor units are simultaneously controlled with a wired remote controller.

Set the indoor unit number using DIP switch on indoor unit circuit board.

*When using a wireless remote controller, the following functions cannot be used: Timer operation, Sleep Timer operation, 10°C Heat operation