Panasonic 3 Pipe ECOi MF2 Heat Recovery System 22.4kW – 135.0kW

  • Achieves COP 4.77 as the top class in the industry
  • Simultaneous cooling & heating for up to 52 indoor units.
  • Small installation space, top class in the industry.
  • Rotation operation & back-up operation functions provided.
  • One compact outdoor footprint throughout range
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3-Pipe ECOi MF2 6N Series

Simultaneous heating and cooling VRF system. The Panasonic 3-Pipe MF2 Series 
offers the best solution for the most demanding customers.

  • The 3-Pipe units have only one chassis size, with a very small footprint (only 0,93m²)
  • 1 body for all sizes: 1.758 x 1.000 x 930mm, for 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16HP
  • Maximum capacity size as 48HP by 3 unit combinations
  • Up to 52 indoor units connectable
  • Connectable indoor/outdoor unit capacity ratio up to 150%


Market-leading COP (at full load), High Efficiency Combination

1. EER High Efficiency Combination
2. EER Standard Combination
3. COP High Efficiency Combination
4. COP Standard Combination


Market-leading COP (at full load), standard efficiency

1. EER 3-Pipe MF2 6N Series
2. EER Old series
3. COP 3-Pipe MF2 6N Series
4. COP Old series


3-Pipe Control Box Kit / Multiple connection type

New Heat Recovery Box to connect multiple indoor units with just one box, 4, 6 and up to 8 indoor units or groups.
This is good advantage specially in hotel applications, where space for connecting several boxes is limited.

1. x 4 ports. 
2. x 6 ports. 
3. x 8 ports. 

5. CZ-P56HR3
Up to 5,6kW: CZ-P160HR3
Up to 16,0kW: KIT-P56HR3 (CZ-P56HR3+CZ-CAPE2)
6. CZ-CAPE2*
3-Pipe control PCB

* For wall mounted. Must be added to the CZ-P56HR3 or CZ-P160HR3.


Individual control of multiple indoor units with solenoid valve kits


  • Any design and layout can be used in a single system.
  • Cooling operation is possible up to an outdoor temperature of -10°C.

1. Suction pipe (low temperature, low pressure gas pipe)
2. Liquid pipe (medium temperature, medium pressure liquid pipe)
3. Discharge pipe (high temperature, high pressure gas pipe)
4. Solenoid valve kit