Panasonic CZ-64ESMC3 System Controller with Schedule Timer

Key Features

  • Control of up to 64 groups of indoors
  • Individual control of up to 64 indoor units
  • Up to 4 zones – 16 groups per zone
  • Design in keeping with local controls
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Built in schedule timer


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Product Features

  • Innovative and easy to use interface that offers full functionality with an integrated schedule timer and system controller.
  • Users can adjust the system for holidays, pausing operations for long periods of time so that energy isn’t wasted heating or cooling and empty home or office.
  • the controller also allows six operations per day to be programmed.
  • Mix of  2 controllers; system controller and schedule timer.
  • Same operation feeling as new wired remote controller by touch key panel
  • High visibility and usability by full dot LCD