Panasonic CZ-CFUSCC1 AC Smart Cloud Interface

Key Features

  • Multi site monitoring from one web interface
  • Energy monitoring statistics
  • Real time status updates
  • Schedule setting
  • Maintenance notification
  • User customisation


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The smart solution for your advanced building requirements

Panasonic AC Smart Cloud

Flexible solution and scalable solution

  • Energy saving
  • Zero downtime
  • Site(s) management

Centralise control of your business premises, from wherever you are, 24/7/365. It doesn’t matter how many sites you have, or where they are! The AC Smart Cloud system from Panasonic allows you to have complete control of all your installations, from your tablet or from your computer. In a simple click, all your units from several locations, receive status updates in real-time of all your installations, preventing breakdowns and optimising costs.


With Panasonic AC Smart Cloud, have your business under control, and start saving!

Flexible solution for your business


Every time


Multi Platform

Internet Browser


Scalable solution for your business


Small to Large

1 to Multi Sites

Upgraded Features*


*Customised to meet user demand / Upgraded new functions / Upgraded by new products / IT smart management.

 Key functions and uniqueness


Multi site monitoring.

  • It doesn’t matter how many sites you have, easy to manage, operate, compare per sites, locations, rooms.


Powerful statistics for energy savings.

  • Power consumption, capacity, efficiency level can be compared per different parameters (Yearly / monthly / weekly/ daily bases)



Schedule setting.

  • Weekly / holiday timer setting as you want
  • One setting can be copied to other sites


Maintenance notification.

  • Error notification by email and with floor layout
  • Maintenance notification of ECOi / ECO G outdoor units


User customization

Site administrator can create users as desired and assign customized profiles.

1. Facility manager: A
Energy optimisation
Multi-site monitoring
Schedule management
Maintenance notification

2. Owner of Hotels
Administrator has a full access

3. Facility manager: B
Energy optimization
Multisite monitoring
Schedule management
Maintenance notification

4. Facility manager: C
Energy optimization
Multisite monitoring
Schedule management
Maintenance notification



One of our uniqueness is “Stable and secured communication package”

  • Connectivity is included in the service. Customers do not have to take time to find and prepare suitable connectivity.
  • With an all inclusive service offering, the customer has peace of mind and a one stop shop for all AC Smart Cloud issues they may face including connectivity
  1. 3G router
  2. SIM card