Panasonic CZ-RTC5B Premium Wired Controller for PACi/ECOi

Key Features

  • Elegant Design
  • Touch panel navigation
  • Easy Access to the menus
  • 4 languages
  • Backup control
  • Energy consumption
  • New DataNavi Functionality


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Increase efficiency by 28% and increase the comfort

Easy to use, attractive, clear design, with new demand control functions and energy consumption display! This useful feature makes this remote control unique!

The new CZ-RTC5B wired remote control is ideal for integration into the most demanding interior architectures.
The touch panel features a very sleek and easy to use display, which with its compact display is only 120 x 120 x 16mm.

Display of information
The information is mainly based on pictograms to ensure easy understanding.
The minimal amount of text is available in 4 languages (English / German / French / Spanish / Italian).
The screen is back lit to enable reading even during the night.


Easy Access to the menus
With the new pictograms, the navigation, the selection and the settings are simple and easy to follow.

Key Functions

  • Easy setup of the timer and settings of the indoor unit
  • Energy consumption display (only available with PACi units with the reference ending with A)
  • Limitation of the energy consumption (Demand control) by timer

Backup control by using CZ-RTC5B
Group wiring of 2 systems of PACi can do auto individual control.

  • Rotation operation
  • Backup operation
  • Support operation

New Datanavi

Scan the Controller with your Smart Phone to Obtain Unit Information

Overview of Datanavi System

Just holding up your smartphone to the LED display on a remote controller (CZ-RTC5B) to receive useful AC system information super fast by Panasonic Light ID Technology. Datanavi also connects  to Panasonic Cloud Server for the quick view of manuals, saving data received by Light ID.


Key Functions

· Scan & Save AC system info
· Easy access to manual database
· Commissioning, F gas check data history

What is the Light ID technology developed by Panasonic?

Visible light transmission technology, which enables to transmit information by high-speed and invisible flashing of an LED light source.
A. Panasonic unique Light ID technology
B. Panasonic Cloud Server


User / Administrator Functions

· Fast and intuitive app that also you to access regular operation data, Energy consumption data display
· Easy access to data base. Getting manuals related on demand
· No idea what to do when an error happens? You can share error information and contact service easily


Regular Operation

Energy Management

Malfunction Notice

Operating Manual


Installer / Service Company Functions

· Getting technical data depends on your need.
Service manual. Q & A list. Test run information
· Accurate error information


Two App Downloads for Android & Apple Devices


LinkRay App

DataNavi App

Test run info

Service data