Panasonic CZ-RWSL2N Wireless Remote & Receiver for D1 Cassette

Key Features

  • 24 hour timer function
  • Main & sub controllers possible
  • Emergency operation button
  • Operation of separate energy recovery ventilators


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24 hour timer function

Remote control by main remote controller and sub controller is possible
Max. 2 remote controllers (main remote controller and sub controller) can be installed for one indoor unit.

When CZ-RWSC2 is used, wireless control becomes possible for all indoor units

  • When a separate receiver is set up in a different room, control from that room also becomes possible.
  • Automatic operation by means of the emergency operation button is possible even when the remote controller has been lost or the batteries have been exhausted.

Operation of separate energy recovery ventilators
When commercial ventilation fans or heat-exchange ventilation fans have been installed, they can be operated with this remote control (interlocked operation with the indoor unit or independent ventilation ON/OFF).