Panasonic Standard PACi Twin System Range 14.0kW 3ph

Ideal for installation in larger areas, these provide a variety of possible combinations. A single outdoor unit serving various indoor units and allows for a mixture of system types: Cassette, Duct, Wall, Ceiling. Advantages include: Quiet indoor atmosphere, improved temperature control, increased flexibility.

PACi Standard Twin System 14.0kW Three Phase

Up to 2 indoor units connectable on the same outdoor.

Panasonic’s PACi units can be installed as single and twin systems. The indoor units can be combined following the selection table. The operation will always be simultaneous. All the indoor units will work with the same settings.



Indoor size / Outdoor size 14 kW (3ph Only)
7.1 kW  

*PACi 1×1 Kit solution.



Capacity Walls 4 Way 90×90 Cassette
Low Static Pressure Hide Away High Static Pressure Hide Away Ceiling

7.1 kW S-71PK1E5A S-71PU2E5A S-71PN1E5A S-71PF1E5A S-71PT2E5A



Joint distribution (sold separately): A= CZ-P155BK1

Piping Restrictions Equivalent lengths and height differences (m) for outdoor unit sizes…
Total pipe length L + L1 + L2 ≤ 50 m
Maximum pipe length from outdoor unit to most distant indoor unit
Maximum branch pipe length L1 L2 ≤ 15
Maximum branch pipe length differences L1 > L2
≤ 10
Maximum pipe length after frist branch (Double-Twin)
Maximum pipe length differences after second branch (Double-Twin)
Height difference (outdoor unit located higher) H1 ≤ 30
Height difference (outdoor unit located lower) H1 ≤ 15
Height difference between indoor units H2 ≤ 0.5



Outdoor unit main pipe diameter (L) Indoor unit connection tube (L1, L2)
Unit type capacity 100 125 50 60
Liquid pipe (mm) Ø 9.52 Ø 12.7 Ø 6.35 Ø 9.52
Gas pipe (mm) Ø 15.88 Ø 15.88 Ø 12.7 Ø 15.88
Additional charge (g/m) 50 50 20 50

1.Total capacity of indoor unit connected after the branch

Refrigerant charging: For the twin connection, the amount of refrigerant required for pipe length 30 m has been included in this unit at the factory while that required for pipe length 20 m has been included for the Triple / Double-Twin connections.

No additional charge is required for the first 30 m pipe length in the case of the twin connection and for the first 20 m in the case of the Triple / Double-Twin connections.

Make additional charges by adding up pipe length in an order of main (L branch pipe), (L1, L2, L3 wide diameter) and then selecting the amount of refrigerant corresponding to the remaining (after 30 m for the Twin connection and after 20 m for the Triple / Double-Twin connections) liquid side pipe diameter and pipe length from the below table.