The new Sky Air A – Series: low on height, big on value

The new Sky Air A – Series: low on height, big on value

Building on the multi-award winning success of its revolutionary Sky Air A-Series launched in 2017, Daikin has taken the next steps in the evolution of its Sky Air A-series, with the introduction of a unique range of low height single fan outdoor units from 3.5 up to 25 kW.

The Sky Air A-series, which incorporates Daikin’s advanced Bluevolution technology, is the most advanced light commercial system using R-32 refrigerant. R-32 has a GWP which is 68% lower than R410A and requires 16% less refrigerant charge, reducing the environmental impact of the complete range.

Delivering outstanding energy efficiency with a SEER performance of 8.02, the new low height units – less than a metre high – are the lowest on the market, allowing discreet installation below window height for capacities up to 25 kW.

With the launch of the low height Sky Air Alpha (RZAG71-140N*) and Sky Air Advance-series (RZA200-250D), all Sky Air ranges from 3.5kW to 25kW, now come in a single-fan casing.

Driven by Installer Needs

Performance, ease of handling and flexibility in installation have been key drivers in the development of the Sky Air A-Series. With the new low height range, these key benefits have become even better:

  • A newly positioned handle for easier transportation and carrying
  • Compact size enables easy handling with just two people.
  • A redesigned front plate provides access to all critical components in seconds as only one screw needs to be removed and the access area has been increased
  • With longer pipe lengths of up to 100 metres, the Sky Air Advance-series 20-25 kW units can now accommodate any site with an R32 solution.
  • The most complete R-32 indoor unit line-up is now extended with a 20- and 25 kW concealed ceiling unit (FDA)

Thanks to their new improved design and use of R-32 refrigerant, the new units do not require an annual refrigerant containment check and in up to 60% of applications have been installed without additional refrigerant charge.

For further information on the new Sky Air A-Series low height range see the technical bulletin below