Thoughts of a Fridge Engineer

Tony Evanson – MD

Tony Evanson

Its nice to have something else to think about other than Covid 19, but its hard not to reflect on what it has done for our industry and planet.

A lot of fridge engineers continued to work through the lockdown to keep our emergency services going, maintain the coldchain and unfortunately build pop up morgues.

The dedication and hard work of those teams is no surprise its built into their DNA, you don’t see fridge engineers knocking off early if they have a deep freeze down, they stay and they adapt and overcome and get the job working whatever it takes.

We kept working to support our customers albeit with a skeleton staff and social distancing, some of our team were furloughed and they are now coming back to work as activity picks up, a warm April and May is normally a dream start for the air conditioning trade but with the UK on lockdown it was difficult to get into to sites so the trade turned to domestic installs.

The planet seems to be healing itself, clear blue skies that the birds are loving and the sea in Blackpool is blue apparently, in a very short time that has felt like forever subtle changes have occurred. People have found that they can work from home and probably will more often in the future which could mean lower congestion less time spent travelling to and from work and a better work life balance.

Engineers have to go where the work is and they are an essential service but long distance jobs became problematic as overnight stays were not possible.

The future will have its challenges but it will also have its opportunities, air conditioning units with built in virus control are on the shelf now and have been for some years, and the heat pump market is set to grow significantly as new build houses will not be fueled by natural gas from 2025.The heat pump is an incredibly efficient heating device and with the advent of R32 becoming even more so.

As we celebrate World refrigeration day on June 26th we should also pay tribute to the engineers who were on the front line throughout lockdown keeping essential services going, they as always kept going and kept us going.

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