Heat pumps key to London’s net zero ambition according to new report from the Carbon Trust

A new report produced by the Carbon Trust outlines the key role that heat pumps will play in meeting the London  2030 net zero ambitions. 

Our MD Tony Evanson, who presented to the Carbon Trust about the future role of heat pumps, is pleased to see that low carbon alternatives to fossil fueled heating are finally being recognised at high levels of government.

Commenting on the report “it’s clear that if we are to tackle the issue of climate change we need to start to think about how we heat our buildings. Gas emissions, primarily used for hot water and heating, account for 37% of London’s carbon emissions and release harmful NOx emissions. In contrast heat pumps are a highly efficient form of electric heating and when designed well have the capability of delivering up to 5 times the efficiency of traditional heating methods. As the grid becomes increasingly green, through the vast investments in renewable power, the case for heat pumps to play a major role in reducing CO2 emissions becomes obvious.”

Commissioned by London’s Mayor the report has been produced to help educate building owners about heat pumps and guide them through the process of retro-fitting heat pumps into London’s housing stock. Providing clear guidance on good practice and system design to ensure that the installation delivers optimal efficiencies and carbon reductions.

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Read the report by clicking the cover below


Source: https://www.carbontrust.com/news-and-events/news/heat-pumps-key-to-londons-net-zero-ambition-says-new-report-from-the-carbon