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Fujitsu’s air conditioning has earned a deserved reputation for it's outstanding reliability, value for money and efficiency. Fujistu have designed their range to complement all property requirements, with a solution that's easy to install, with improved energy saving, enhanced safety features, high durability and excellent comfort.

Fujitsu have designed their range focusing on three main elements:

  1. Solutions for different building types
  2. Green Solutions
  3. Unique Air Conditioning Features

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Fujitsu Products


Single Splits

The Fujitsu range of single split air conditioners are powerful, incredibly efficient and  have a deserved reputation for reliability and value for money. The wide range of indoor unit types make them suitable for most applications with built-in inverter technology reducing running costs and carbon footprint. Fujitsu products are some of the greenest, most efficient products available.


Multi Splits 

The Fujitsu range of multi-split heat pump systems allow for flexible, efficient solutions with a wide range of indoor units available to suit the decor and ambience of all room types. Multiple room systems provide the ideal solution for 2 to 6 room projects and the simultaneous multi system is perfect for open plan commercial applications.



Fujitsu offer a full range of industry-leading VRF systems. From the J-IIS Series Mini VRF System to the V-III Series System, system nominal cooling capacities range from 15.2kW to 150KW and a connectable indoor unit capacity of up to 150%.



Fujitsu ventilation systems provide comfort in a variety of situation from home to office and retail. Fujitsu DX-kits for AHU's allow split and VRF condensers to be used with third party AHU's and Fujitsu energy recovery units provide a highly efficient heat exchange process achieving a comfortable air conditioned space