Premiair Services Ltd – Meveril Edale

Problem, Requirements & Solution

MEVERIL is a typical stone faced building which has been extensively upgraded and insulated to a very high standard. Allwalls floors and roof spaces had been insulated to a very high standard.

The building has an oil fired combination boiler located within the garage. The oil tank is below ground. The existing boiler feeds low level skirting heating with an optimal design flow temperature of between 53°c to 57°c, a small number of radiators and instantaneous domestic hot water.

The property is used as a home office therefore occupied during office hours, the client has requested that the property has night set back and compensated controls ensuring the internal temperature is controlled at 21°c and never dropping below 16°c during off periods.

The loads for the building have been calculated at:

10.552KW for heating

2.548KW allowance for DHW

Scope of Works

The external Heat pumps were floor standing, supported on a bespoke up stand. Installation included a new 300ltr pressurised water cylinder, within the garage, providing all the heating and domestic hot water.

The install also includes a manual changeover of new Heat pump back to Oil fired boiler, this will be used as an emergency operation based on power outages, equipment failure or additional load.

The system will include a new intelligent control system, controlling both DHW and heating flow temperatures.

The existing heating pipe work was isolated, disconnected then reinstated on completion of the alterations to provide the same level of internal controls as per the original installation, all zones and trv’s will be utilised as before.

Sanyo Co2 heat pumps were selected as they contain no HFC refrigerant and can operate up to 65°C without the use of electric heaters.

During our initial assessment the client produced bills for the previous year, the oil bill alone was £2631.00 we explained that the conditions within the property are fluctuating and will vary year to year, we have used UK CIBSE design guides BS EN 12831 to calculate losses and potential savings, over a period of a few years the heating requirement should average out.

”Annual saving of £1193.88”