Fujitsu UTP-VX-A DX Kit for Air Handling Applications

Key Features

  • Multiple sensors providing optimal control
  • Wide range of capacities
  • Variety of controls options


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Multiple Temperature Sensors Optimally Control the Air Handling Unit and Fan Coil Unit.

When connecting to an air handling unit, the supply air temperature is controlled by the discharge sensor.

When connecting to a fan coil unit, the room temperature is controlled by the return air temperature sensor.


Arrangement as Part of a VRF System

Supports a Wide Range of Capacity Classes

  • 2 EEV units can be connected in parallel and up to 20 HP (50 kW) large capacity units. (Separation Tube of UTP-LX180A is required.)
  • Connectable capacity range: 5 kW to 50 kW

A Variety of Controls to Match the Application

Central control using our VRF controllers or central management controllers


Central control from external controllers

Functions Summary


  • ON/OFF
  • Setting temperature
  • Capacity demand
  • Heating / Cooling operation mode
  • Fault information



  • ON/OFF indication
  • Fan ON/OFF indication
  • Thermo ON/OFF indication
  • Defrost indication
  • Fault indication

MODBUS® Control

Possible to control via a MODBUS enabled BMS by using optional interface.

Installation Limitation

  • Connectable VRF series: J-IIS, J-II, V-II, VR-II
  • Connectable DX-Kit system capacity range: 50 to 100% of the outdoor unit capacity
  • Connectable DX-Kit system capacity range with indoor units: 30% or less of the outdoor unit capacity
  • Max. wiring length from control unit: 10 m
  • Max. piping length between EEV unit and indoor unit: 5 m
  • Outdoor installation: Control unit (IP54 class) and EEV unit can be installed at an outdoor space.


For 2EEV units connection (option) Separation Tube: UTP-LX180A


Connectable Capacity

Piping & Wiring